Sign her up for the team!

I went into the break room this morning to refill my coffee and encountered something that struck me as a really effective UX. Good design can happen anywhere, you know?

Have a look at the scene below:

Break room signage

In addition to all the ordinary coffee and tea accoutrements there is a little yellow sign. It probably stands out to you, as someone who has never been in this room. And to me – someone who is in this room all the time – it was 100% noticeable the minute I walked in.

Now have a closer look at what the sign says. (The names and email address have purposely been obscured to protect identities.)

Break room signage text.

Message received, Chrissy. Brilliant!

Now why did I find this sign so delightful? Let’s break down the UX:

1. Chrissy obviously knows her audience. She picked a high traffic area that everyone in the company is bound to traverse sometime during the day. So the placement was perfect to get her message out.

2. Chrissy also knows that if there’s one thing that people are passionate about in the office, it’s their morning coffee, tea, or sodas. And when something breaks or runs out, facilities always hears about it in a hurry. So again, great idea to place the message here.

3. Chrissy also chose the perfect color: Yellow. It’s a bright color that stands out in the context of the darker coffee machines and thermoses. Yellow also has an association with a warning message for us software / web / mobile design people. It’s not red (critical!) or green (all good), it’s yellow. Perfect.

4. Last but not least, Chrissy chose a nice size and display for this message. It’s not overbearing or disruptive. But it’s easily legible from a close distance and the up-right frame makes it stand out in a crowded counter space.

I have to say, it gave me a smile. I was really impressed. “Sign her up for the UX team”, I thought.

I can’t wait to share this blog post with her when she’s back from her PTO. It should give her a chuckle.



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