Digital Agency Bloopers

Due to a Slideshare SNAFU (my own doing, I’m sure), I lost a bunch of content and had to repost some decks online. This one is for a talk I gave at Digital Summit Phoenix 2016, on February 8-9 at the Phoenix Convention Center. The topic was, “Digital Marketing Agency Bloopers”.

Digital Agency Bloopers – Illustration by Sheriden VanHoy for Ethology

While most of the speakers took an ‘expert’ stance and dished on topics like Search, Content, Customer Experience, Remarketing, Engagement, etc. The Ethology team decided to go the other direction and turn the spotlight on ourselves. If we’re all really so into CX — can we say we’re practicing what we preach with our own customers?

Most of the times, yes. But crafting a great customer experience is a journey. And you’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way. The slides tell the rest of the story.




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