Tony and Theo Mandel, PHD speaking on “Interaction Design Methods and Madness” at Phoenix Design Week, Tempe, AZ

Hi, I’m Tony…

I’m a Principal Strategic Analyst with Ethology, a digital marketing agency headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. Pairing design with technology has been a lifelong passion. Finding clean, simple, useful solutions that connect brands with their customers and produce real (measurable) results is what I enjoy best.

In my career, I’ve been a Webmaster, Producer, Information Architect, Product Owner, Interaction Engineer, Principal UX Designer, Director, UX, and VP, UX. I’ve built two design teams from the ground up, and launched dozens of projects – from websites, to SaaS solutions, to software, and mobile apps.

I really love what I do. Get me started on anything related to eBusiness, design, UX, teams, technology – and man, I won’t stop. It’s fun.

Want to talk?




Oh, and my last name is pronounced “Key-rose” 🙂

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